Monday, January 31, 2011

Things I would see with a Time Machine... -> # 1 - See a Play in the Original Globe Theatre

I was sitting in my Shakespeare in Film class not too long ago when I started thinking - wow, it'd be really nifty to go and see a Shakespearean play when Shakespeare was actually alive. Heading back to the beginnings of the 1600's, to when Shakespeare himself had become a shareholder at the Globe - now that would be interesting.

Seeing as I'm talking about actually going in and interacting with people (it would be necessary, after all, to procure tickets), I'd have to invest in finding a good set of clothing for the era. I'd need some era currency too, hmm.

That, of course, is disregarding the whole paradox thing. One would think that the typical paradox could be avoided by going that far back, but then again I wouldn't want to accidentally change some event in Shakespeare's life (aside from maybe figuring out wtf he was doing from 1585 to 1892 when he disappears from all public records).

Yeah, yeah, I could go see a play in the recreation of the Globe today, but I sincerely doubt that's a very authentic representation of the time period. That being said, I would like to do that as well, if only to prepare myself for seeing the real thing.

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